Custom ECU & TCU Tuning

At Etuners we provide custom tuning solutions to suit not only the existing hardware but also the intended use for the vehicle whether it be road, race, rally, endurance or drag racing. Custom tuning involves running the vehicle up on the dyno and taking performance data and logs of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is performing as per the manufactures specifications. Our next step is to correctly install the required hardware and then proceed to calibrate the ECU and TCU to the desired optimised levels that we are well known for.

Why A Custom Tune?

A custom tune will ensure that your vehicle is upgraded with specific hardware and calibrated to suit the engine as per OEM manufacturers specifications or a fully forged race motor or somewhere in between. The advantage of having a custom tune over a generic flash tune, is that the tune is optimised for any desired hardware and your not confined to stage tuning which is calibrated for specific hardware combinations only.

Custom ECU Tuning